By Wayne on 18th May

Are you the only woman in your mans life or are you fighting to keep him interested in you? Are you getting frustrated trying to get him to fall in love and commit? Are you tired of never knowing where you stand with him and wanting to make him passionate with desire for you? If you are then read on to find out how to make him commit and save yourself from a lot of heartache.

You may already have realized that getting a man to fall in love and commit does not mean you have to be the most attractive woman with the greatest body. Yes it helps to get his attention in the start but it won’t help you keep him. So why is it that some women can almost effortlessly get a man to want to commit.

It starts with changing the ideas that you have about commitment. Once you realize one, important thing, then you will be able to get him to make a commitment. He just needs to realize that the benefits of committing far outweigh the costs of not making a commitment. It really is that simple! Don’t get stressed trying to work out what your doing wrong or why he is holding back. Just try this instead:

Take a piece of paper and write a list of all the things that you contribute to this relationship. As you look at the list do you think that he is valuing you for each of these things or is he taking you for granted? Or he may not place a lot of value on the things that you do. One way to find out is to stop doing things and see what happens. If nothing changes then you are doing things that are important to you and not him.

One of the commonest mistakes people make in relationships is to think that the other person wants the same things as you do. Often they don’t. Everyone wants to be happy but we don’t all want the same things. You need to take the time to find out what things he values and what he really wants.

If he has been taking you for granted then it’s a good thing to stop doing so much for him. He needs to appreciate what he is missing. As he comes to appreciate and miss the things you usually do then he is more likely to fall in love with you and start thinking about commitment. If you do these two things you will find you are attracting more of the sort of men that want to commit.

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