Overcoming Commitment Jitters

Are you afraid of commitment? Worried about the implications of small things in your life, worried about mistakes, worried you won’t be able to finish things? These are things that plague me, you, and everybody. We’re all afraid of commitment and what could go wrong. I myself was afraid for a long time to stay overnight at a friend’s place, just because it would be unsure of what I would be giving up at home.

Talking about commitment though, it’s a bit weird. I’m always reminded of a stupid phone commercial I used to see where a guy would meet his ex-girlfriend, she would then see how he got the phone network thing and say something like “Wow, you got over your fear of commitment, that’s so not like you…”. I always thought it was stupid, it was like women were the mature ones who pushed the commitment of marriage on men, but I’m getting off point. While marriage is something you probably don’t want to run into headfirst, everyday there are little commitments that we are afraid when we should be. These are what I’m going to be talking about.

If your fears of committing to something get the better of you, then you’re going to be missing out, missing experiences. I myself had to was afraid to take on three Summer courses, which is very difficult to do, but I had to in order to get to the classes to learn what I need for the Japan scholarship next year. If I hadn’t, I don’t think I’d have a chance to pass the test next year.

Another problem is that you’ll make mistakes from only pursuing things halfheartedly. I started shaving with a straight razor, but I bought everything at a discount because I didn’t want to commit to spending a lot of money. But the problem is now that I have to re buy most of my equipment, costing me more in the long run.

Being able to commit yourself to something when you’re not sure is sort of like a sink or swim thing, except you usually end up being able to swim. Likewise, if you are able force yourself into making commitments you’re not sure of, you’ll be able to live a more fuller life. It may be more difficult, but you’ll doing different and new things, ultimately learning and growing. I learned what I’m capable of by taking on the intense Summer load. I can trust myself to be able to deal with bigger and better things than I’m used to, because I have the experience to know how much I can take onto myself at once.

After dealing with my straight razor equipment, I learned my lesson: Do not let previous decisions influence your current choice. I had spent more money than I wanted to trying to get my straight razor setup and I had to replace the razor itself. Do I spend the money and buy another straight razor or give up? I decided that the money I had spent previously was a sunk cost, no matter what I choose the money was gone. Since I really wanted to shave with the razor, and I didn’t want to go back to being dependent on buying normal cartridges, I decided to buy another razor. That turned out to be the best decision.

Think of it this way, you can live a shell of a life afraid of committing to anything, or you can go out and experience all the good things reserved for the brave. Next time you’re faced with a decision, and you’re not sure if you can handle it, or if you want to risk it, push yourself into committing to it. You’ll probably learn something about yourself, or at least get a good story to tell from it.

Alex Elkholy has had to learn to overcome a multitude of problems in his life, including having to learn social skills from scratch. Because of this, he has a unique insight into the way we act and behave, as well as views on how better to deal with situations. He currently writes on his website, Alex Elkholy.com.

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Success in Business – Commitment to Constant and Never Ending Improvement

The Internet and the various modes of monetizing activities on the Internet change at an alarming pace. Back in 1997, it was always understood that Cisco Systems measured its years in quarters, i.e it nearly treated a quarter as a year in terms of pace, change and reactions to the market. And that was in 1997, that was before Google arrived on the scene.

Whatever business you are in there needs to be a commitment to constant and never ending improvement. Without it, things get stale, they become out of date and they generally tend to fall away from prominence. If you have your own business then it is very important that you adopt this principle for your business.

I met a man once you told me that he had achieved what he set out to achieve in his business. He had done that 20 years previously in fact. His goal had been to beat his ex boss in business and the ex boss had gone out of business. That was the last time that he had had a goal in his business.

And his business had not thrived since the day his competitor went under. His business did not get all the other mans business. He had meandered along, not content, but not achieving either. Now the bigger competitors had come to town and he was struggling.

Primarily because he forgot to improve, to challenge himself or his team to improve. Now it may have been too late. When deciding what to improve on in your business break it down into the following sections:

Lead Generation – How does out marketing work, how do we get new people in the door and how much does it cost us to do that.

Conversion rate – When someone does shop with us, or when they make an enquiry about us, how good are we at turning them into customers

Average Sale – When we have a customer, how can we increase the value of each transaction?

Number of transactions – how do we ensure that we get each customer dealing with us more frequently in our business year.

Margins – How do we improve the margin that we make in the business from the way we buy goods, to operating our business.

People & Education – How do we attract and employ and retain the best people?

Systems & Technology – how do we use systems in the business to gain leverage and greater productivity?

Delivery & Distribution – How can we improve the consistency in our business and the way that we deliver our service?

Testing & Measuring – how do we make our business decisions based on fact and not on fiction and ensure that monies spent are spent well.

Commit today to improving your business every day.

Derek O’Dwyer is a successful online entrepreneuer and business coach. Derek has won many awards globally over the past 8 years.

For more business and mindset strategies visit http://www.aboutderekodwyer.com
To see how you too could be running a successful online business visit http://havingthebestday.com

To Understand True Meaning Of Life

To Understand True Meaning Of Life

————— Japanese Police Has Launched Lessons on Millions of Students


According to the news from New Overseas in Japan, this is a special lesson, that’s to use criminal facts, experience of accident sufferers and confide of members of the deceased’s family, all this will teach students how to respect life. Such a lesson named “Learn How to Respect Life” has spread around Japan, according to records of police agency, until May 20th, there are 36 prefectural counties have held 288 lessons about “learn how to respect life”, about 100,000 students of junior and senior schools have taken the lesson.

It is reported that in order to make the students at adolescence are able to treasure lives of themselves and others, Japanese police agencies have decided to take the lesson of respect life in a large scale. Last year, the accident of three youngsters who have been damaged and stood at the stage of schools for 8 times, which had shaken the whole Japan deeply and telling the miserable past events. After the lesson, a girl at Junior one said that “In the past, I always have such an idea that it is good if I were never born in the world. After listening those confides, I really feel that my ideas are so cold-blooded, regretting for this. “

In 2008, at City Wall Japan, there was a 8 year-old child collided to death by a crane ignoring traffic regulations. Nowadays, at the lesson of “learn how to respect life” at city wall, the written notes by the child’s mother has been widely spread, about 1000 students have written down impressions after listening to the lesson, among them, some express ideas like “Therefore I knew the value of existence”, “I know the meaning of life then”, “you need to own some relationship for living at society” etc. They all have great raise on the cognition degree of life and live.

In order to continue with the education of respecting life effectively, Japanese police agencies have held experimental units at 10 prefectural counties throughout the whole country in 2008 and 2009, then they have expanded implement range of education in 2009.

As for everyone in the world, it is difficult for one life to come to the world, for him to grow up, do some contributions to the world, stay together with his lovers until death. For everyone, life is just one time, how could you pass the only life fullest? When you are old and recalling the past time, I think the best thing is that there is no regret for you and you have finished all of your desires by your effects. Hope everyone will treasure life from now on and finish your desires smoothly. Happy every day, my dears!

This is Belinda Toland from DinoDirect. (http://www.dinodirect.com )

Emerald Engagement Rings – Best Among All

Emerald is the most beautiful green variety of gemstones, which is regarded as the stone of goddess Venus, goddess of fertility, beauty, and love. It is the symbol for love, prophecy, loyalty, faithfulness and hope. This is the main reason why men prefer emerald gold rings for their engagement. There is a belief among people that the couples with emerald in their engagement rings are blessed by Venus, so they can have mutual understanding and good relationship throughout their life.

In Christian societies, emerald is considered as the symbol of hope and faith. It is perfect for the couples who are getting married soon. Emerald rings represent promise and commitment of the couple to each other. It has the capacity to give you the feeling of peacefulness and warmth. The uniqueness of green color and texture of emerald is enough to create a sensation that is difficult to express with words.

Generally, emerald ring is found in rectangular cut. So, it is noticeable, without being too flashy. Emerald jewelry used to be very popular among royalties even in the old times. They used to prefer it in places to diamond and gold jewelry.

Ladies are very sensitive to gemstones and jewelry. They like to decorate themselves by varieties of jewelry and feel special. When it is about emerald rings, it is certain that their excitement becomes double. Your fiancé might even faint away knowing you have research about this particular ring. She will certainly love the beauty, unusual cut and meaning of the emerald gem.

Though emerald gold rings have these unique qualities, we can find these rings in cheaper prices. So, without worrying too much about your budget, you can customize your engagement ring according to your needs. As this gem fits perfectly with any metals, you won’t face difficulty in customizing your ring.

Emerald engagement ring, the most sophisticated and elegant ring, is the choice of most of the couples today. It has got so many unique features and importance that your fiancé will be eagerly waiting for the day of engagement to wear that ring.

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Quote Insurance – Arizona Auto Insurance Quote

Young people are bad drivers

OK, I really do not know that one-sided. There are good teen drivers. But what I want is that their lack of driving experience often leads to difficulties on the road.

Quote Insurance

I own an insurance agency in the Phoenix metro area. A client asked if I would teach her 16 years old son to drive.

Knowing there is no father figure at home, I agreed. It would give me an opportunity to access these boys so well and knowhim some time with a male figure, was something that I understood what is lacking in his life.

Quote Insurance

As Chris (as I call him) and I are then in the car, I asked Chris if he had not yet gone. The answer was “yes.” He and my mother had gone a few times, but she’s too nervous to continue.

Chris rounded the first corner and almost hit a parked car. He’s smack the curb around the next corner and nearly took two fairly large barrels, trash as we moved along the residential street. It was difficultclear that Chris did not realize he had mastered the steering wheel and not vice versa. Another car came from the opposite direction, and it has always avoided me at the wheel on the tip of a collision. When Chris turned a corner, he either pulled too tight or made a big loop. Both made me very nervous.

I patiently tried to coax him drive carefully in view of the future plans his approach to oncoming lights and turns. Chris better. He improved week afterWeek.
Then I noticed a CHANGE.

As his confidence grew and his speed. That’s what I realized is probably the primary mistake most teenage drivers do. They confuse experience with quality.

Chris pulled out all the green light, as if it were a race. He stayed in the same way shocks. I felt like Dale Earnhardt was behind the wheel. My requests to “slow down” fell on deaf ears.
, Until we were almost involved in an accident on the highway from the merger, is aon-ramp.

READ MORE http://www.quoteinsurance.equitylinesite.com/2009/10/08/arizona-auto-insurance-quote/

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Bruce Lee Quotes – Wrong Again

Bruce Lee Quoted Out of Context
A lot of martial artists quote Bruce Lee. Some don’t even realize that they are doing so. 

Other martial artists use Bruce-Lee quotes incorrectly.

Most of the time that these sayings are taken out of context is when martial artists use the words to defend their particular style. Often the quote is the need to express either an “anything can be considered JKD” attitude or that “there are a very limited number of martial arts moves, so what I am doing is OK.”

For these martial artists, a punch comes in, and they take it with a hard block across the body and either a counter punch or a kick counter. These guys lack all of the nuances that make martial arts what it is. Not what Bruce Lee had in mind, at all.

Bruce Lee on Limiting Movements
When martial artists quote about the limiting number of ways the body can move, this is usually their excuse for why they do the same ol’ same ol’ in martial arts. They continue blocking and then punching, often on wide angles, because they vaguely remember a Bruce Lee quote from The Lost Interview saying something about a limited way the arms and feet can move limiting the kinds of martial responses possible.

Note: If you watch the lost interview on Youtube, it’s the part where Bruce says, “Unless man has three arms or three legs …”

To me, using the quote to defend doing exactly the same techniques in the same way with the same timing and distance is akin to saying that chess is an easy game, because there are only 4-5 different ways that pieces can move on the board. (Obviously, chess is an extremely complex mental exercise.)

On the one hand, you only have two hands, two feet, three elbows (just making sure you are paying attention), and so on. There are only a limited number of ways that the limbs can attack.

Martial Arts Like a Game of Chess
But when you factor in angles and timing, you have just added thousands of possibilities. Order of technique offers even more choices.

Considering the 5 Ways of Attack gives you a few thousand more strategic options. Not to mention distance.

And when you consider choices of response to these techniques, now you are getting every bit as complex as a game of chess.

One of the reasons that you read my articles each week is because you understand that martial arts is not just a “block-then-punch” response. No, neither is it a “block-then-kick” game either.

There is so much more. (And at the same time, it’s … just that simple … and sometimes “more” direct.

Keith Pascal is the author of the new ebook, How to End the Fight With One Hit: better street fighting.

The Little Book on Meaning

The Little Book On Meaning, by Laura Berman Fortgang, is a fabulous collection of stories about getting back to love and our connection with ourselves, each other and even the intangible things that we encounter during our journey in life. She emphasizes that meaning is a feeling rather than something we do, and a quality that we crave.

Through the conditioning of our past, many of us impatiently look for meaning in the world around us, hoping for someone or something to let us know who we really are. We are caught up in a world full of information which has disconnected us from the truth within, and we cling to quick fixes and cosmetic improvements to fill up the emptiness. “To attempt a meaningful life is to embrace that which can only be measured within ourselves. The yardstick is not our life picture. It is rather in how we feel about the person staring back at us in the mirror and how we feel about life.”

Fortgang states that depending on where we look and the way we look at things, meaning can be found everywhere: from the necklace we are given, to the work we do and the relationships we encounter. It is hidden in the pain we suffer and the discomfort we feel when things don’t go according to plan. Instead of appreciating the mystery in life and choosing to see life with wonder, curiosity and openness, we choose “fear, avoidance and denial.”

To battle the demons within, we must go through to get to the other side where there is light, but many of us avoid this since there can be much pain and loneliness. She states we are not the pain; we are the eternal soul. “And the experience of the soul lives on as wisdom to relieve suffering for others… Where we get into trouble is in handing all our power over to another human being, expecting them to be the ultimate deliverer of truth.”

To find meaning and purpose is to shift in consciousness and know that we have the power to change. We can ease the pain by inviting growth and feel lasting joy in our connection with ourselves, others and the things we encounter. Everyone wants to leave a mark, be validated and know they mattered. “Every life story is special and unique and yet totally inconsequential because the true journey is getting back to your Self. No matter how, no matter what. That’s the work.” To get back to love is to minister to yourself and others because “to minister is to actively love.” To know meaning we must courageously heal the separation by releasing the bitterness and nurture union at all times to feel love, a quality we crave. To have meaning is to get back to love.

Discover the #1 Rule to Live By! Wake Up To Life is the monthly ezine for women who seek clarity, direction, change, meaning, purpose and passion in their lives. Visit http://www.desireeleigh.com/ezine.htm to begin designing the life of your dreams!

What Single Ladies Should Do About Boyfriends Who Fear Commitment

There is hardly any woman who would enjoy going through an endless dating process. Yet quite a good number of men do not show readiness of taking things any further, something that causes quite a great deal of frustration to their girlfriends. In case you find yourself with such a guy, you may begin to wonder whether your efforts and time are going down the drain.
Many women would not like to have long-lasting friendships that do not culminate in marriage. You may therefore wait with great expectation for your boyfriend to propose. On the other hand, he may not seem to be even thinking towards that direction. Are you destined to suffer in silence? Not really. There are some simple things that you can do to influence your boyfriend to seriously consider walking down the aisle with you.
Don’t nag
When your boyfriend gives no indication of considering marriage any time in the near future, you may think that you should raise the issue by talking to him about it. However, this is something that you should avoid as much as you can. You will seem to be nagging him, and he will turn off. Your efforts will just make him more resistant as your relationship develops into a struggle.
Do not bring up any topic that borders on long-term commitment. In general, the men expect to be questioned as to what they think about the future. So, when you do not talk about the issue at all, he will be curious and take the relationship more seriously.
Let him miss you
If you are always available to your boyfriend, he will be contented and will hardly make any effort to push things beyond their present status. Therefore, if you want to encourage your guy to consider developing a lasting commitment, you should make him realize how it feels to miss you. Make some arrangements that will take you away from him for some time. Instead of going out with him, stay with your girlfriends.
In order for this method to be more effective, you should not get in touch with him during your time away. Even when he calls, you can let some calls go unanswered.
When your boyfriend begins to miss your company, he will take measures to develop a stronger commitment. A guy who really loves you will want more commitment in order to avoid losing you.
In addition, this will show your independence, a quality that man usually like in their girlfriends. Men usually avoid women who seem to be all over them.
Such simple measures will help you to encourage your boyfriend to take your relationship more seriously. They will help you to steer your relationship towards the direction you want without actually appearing to do so.

You have the power within you to make boyfriend commit to you. Don’t just leave it to fate or wait for him to propose to you. Get the best surefire strategies that no one is telling you about. You will feel more confident when you visit make a man fall in love

How to Drive Away His Commitment Phobia

You may be having a relationship with a guy who seems to stall at the dating stage. He may also appear to be quite lacking on the emotional front. How can you ever influence him to make a commitment? You may wonder. There are some men who suffer from what can be described as commitment phobia. They are so emotionally distant and appear determined never to get married.
Understand your man
You should understand that there is a great difference between an emotionally unavailable guy and a player. You need different approaches in handling the two types.
Some men have a fear of commitment due to their past disappointing experiences. Once bitten twice shy. For instance, perhaps he had been dumped by a girlfriend he had invested all his hopes in, the girl he had expected to marry. His fear of rejection may make him stay aloof. Alternatively, he may have been married only to get divorced, leaving him discouraged.
Once you understand your man, you will be in a better position to handle him well and make him have a change of heart.
The secret to winning a guy for commitment
No matter the experiences that your guy has gone through, you can actually influence him to get out of his shell of commitment phobia. The secret is really quite simple. Be special.
It is only when you have special qualities, completely unlike the other women he has associated with, that you will be able to draw a man to you. It is only when a guy notices that you are indeed very special that he will crawl out of his state of commitment phobia.
If you are deeply interested in a man and would like him to commit in spite of his commitment phobia, you need to stand out among the other women. Learn how you can be special in his eyes and you will manage to make him walk down the aisle with you. 

You have the power within you to make a guy commit. Don’t just leave it to fate or wait for him to propose to you. Get the best surefire strategies on this guide on how to handle commitment phobia men. You will feel more confident when you visit make him fall in love